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CADG is available to generate standard "base" drawing sets for our customers. These sets are designed around a set of preferred hardware for the customer. For example, if  a customer has a particular equipment supplier that would be used for an 8 door access control system application, then default drawings could be produced which allow for quick and accurate drawing set generation. These drawing sets may be saved as project "A" and configured to show actual equipment used. This same source set could be saved as project "B" and configured differently to reflect the actual equipment used at the project "B" location. 

Key Benefits

bulletBy using CADG to generate a set of base drawings, a consistent appearance throughout a drawing set is achieved.
bulletOnce the source drawings have been reviewed and approved, electrical interconnects and color codes are automatically assigned.
bulletWhen the source drawing sets are used by the customer's design group, substantial cost savings are realized during the design stage.


CADG will establish drawing setup standards for the source drawing sets. These drawing sets may be linked to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for importing and exporting relevant site specific data such as Cable Run Distance & Voltage Drop calculations, Equipment counts and model numbers for part and labor cost estimates and drawing elements such as Title Block information.

Project Scope Review
CADG will work with customer representatives to establish the level of automation desired.
Preferred Hardware Selection
Leveraging over 25 years of experience, CADG will assist customer with hardware selections if desired.
Customer Library Usage Training
CADG is available for on-site training of customer CAD operators and Design personnel in usage of the source drawing set files.


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