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Project Design Services

CADG provides design and documentation services on project basis.

Key Benefits

bulletTeaming design and documentation tasks with CADG adds years of experience to your design department.
bulletCosts associated with having a highly skilled design group are incurred on an as-needed basis.
bulletThe drawing sets provided allow for increased confidence during installation and commissioning of systems.


With over 25 years of experience in the Security & Life safety fields, CADG provides real-world experience to assist with all aspects of a project life cycle. From verification of project requirements and value engineering, to Final As-Built drawing sets, CADG will work hard to ensure that the project stays on time and within budget. 

Project Overview
CADG will review project requirements with your representative to establish a clear scope of work.
Value Engineering
CADG will work with you to review possible savings available. 
As-Built Drawing Set
Since the original drawing set is very detailed, As-Built sets are easily produced allowing for collection of any hold back monies in a timely manner.

Reference Drawings

The Links below will open some representative samples of our work. They require the use of the latest release of Adobe Reader.

Link to Adobe Reader Download
Click above to download Adobe Reader

Sample Drawings :

Use Layer Tab for Layer Control

 Floor Plan - PDF
Riser Diagram - PDF
Door Wiring - PDF

Door Control Panel - PDF



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